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Varun's Quest
Into a Bee Tree and
Other Adventures
For Immediate Release:
Varun’s Quest: Into a Bee Tree and Other Adventures is a novel combination of fantasy and science that introduces children to the process of scientific discovery. 

BRANFORD, CT. – (Release Date 5/24/2013) – In his new book, Varun’s Quest: Into a Bee Tree and Other Adventures, author Timothy H. Goldsmith tells a tale that will lure children as well as adults with real life adventure that can be found right in the backyard. It’s a perfect summer read and can be enjoyed anytime of the year. 

In Varun’s Quest, an Elf named Aubrey takes the boy Varun on a quest of exploration. While the Elf provides an element of fantasy in the story, he encourages Varun to observe and interpret the meaning of what he is seeing. Varun encounters a sleepy bat and discovers how bats can fly in total darkness. Reduced in size by the Elf, he comes face to face with a saucy honey bee; and he has a narrow escape from the clutches of a hungry praying mantis. As he figures out how bees communicate with each other, Varun realizes the lives of plants and animals are a source of fascination as well as mystery, and he and the reader begin to think like budding scientists. 

Rich with beautiful and vibrant illustrations by Julia S. Child, Varun’s Quest: Into a Bee Tree and Other Adventures will teach children in a way that no other adventure book will. It provides the kind of reading that is consistent with the goals of the Common Core State Standards for English language arts. 

Experience the natural world with Varun’s Quest: Into a Bee Tree and Other Adventures.